What is the gift that makes a human being can see, feel or sense the future? as training, scientific or spiritual people, manifest various opinions about it: 
Some believe it is a divine gift given by God to a chosen few, others that it is a paranormal mental capacity, is also said that some people in a trance his soul departing the body and travel through time and ... some say that the ancient prophets were inspired by time travelers who were left in the past and future data, it also ensures that extraterrestrial beings, may our creator gods used this subtle way to help us track and, without changing suddenly the world, some ads for a natural human being channeled their future in this universe. 
As you can see there are many theories, which one is right .... is hard to say, but beyond the correct definition of the occurrence of this phenomenon, the most important is that there was, there is and there will still be human beings endowed with the ability to see and predict future events.


Some examples of how much you'll find on this website

ohn of Jerusalem 1100 years ago 
when you start the year following the year thousand thousand, trade with the whole man, all things will cost, tree, animal and water and nothing else will really die and everything will be sold.But the man then it will be worth more than their weight in meat be traded your body such as livestock carcasses; take your eye and your heart, nothing is sacred, not his life or his soul, his remains will be played and blood as if it were a carcass.


Pope John XXIII 75 years ago

"It will fall and fall President's brother. Together, the body of the star guilty. There are those who know. Ask the first black woman and the man who will take her to the altar on the island. There will be three who shot the President. The third one will be among the three that will kill the second ... " 
"Dying President Kennedy and later his brother Robert. In 1962, he will find the lifeless body of the star who shared love with both" 
"Some people know. Ask the black widow and the man to take her to the altar on the island, its secrets are the weapons in crime. There will be three who shot the president. Drop the president and his brother fall. Together, the body shining star "


 1300 years ago St. Odilia

"Listen, my brother! I saw the terror of the forests and mountains. The fear has frozen the people.The time has come when Germany will be called the most warlike nation on earth. Now is the time to emerge from her womb the terrible warrior that will trigger a world war, and that the people in arms call the Antichrist, who will be blamed by mothers weeping for her children like Rachel, none may console "


S an Nile 1500 years ago.

At that time men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish.And when they have achieved all this, these unhappy people will spend their lives in comfort without knowing, poor souls, that it is deceit of the Antichrist.


Ellen White 118 years ago.

"The crust will tear caused by the eruptions of the hidden items in their guts. These elements, once unleashed, will sweep away the treasures of those who for years have been increasing their wealth by getting their employees great possessions to famine prices. And the religious world will be terribly shaken, because the end of all things is near "


Benjamin Solari Parravicini 70 years ago.

Traditional families sink roll and in criminal cases. The new rich fall into spectacular crimes, but not be sunk. Gold saves. The humble will be evicted, despised, forgotten. They are cause for veja.


The monk Rasputin over 100 years ago

"When the images fly, a poisonous fruit ripen, and will be many who eat it. And the poisonous fruit transform men into animals, unable to lift his head to the sky ... flying images consume the forces of man, but the poisonous fruit intoxicate man. And when it's over, man will find tired and torn, hungrier than before.


Current Prophecy

Benjamin Solari Parravicini prophecies about the international crisis

  "Argentina will suffer the little storm that hit the world after"

The global crisis that began in United States, and continued in Europe, is far from over, really just beginning, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain ... .

BSP as prophesied.Argentina's crisis would be replicated but big in the world, international recipes are the same, so the final will surely be the same. 

(Prophecy of the year 1938)

"The Americas bleed. Europe bleed later. Every idea will be a sun of light, America will see the truth. Argentina is light."

Allusion to the South American crisis and supported first by moving to Europe. 
 Prophecy of the year 1940)


he captaincy of the" boat world, "fallen into slumber. The world looks a ship captain for" balloons ", which will stand the test of time some climbing over the captaincy explode! And the world drifting boat to go away the costs of OM, OM and save the righteous "

A reference to the role of the United States as world power in free fall. 
(Prophecy of the year 1972)


Endless wars, a look at photos

--->> Siglo XX Century, did not learn anything ??............


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 "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Ad BSParravicini decades before the advent of satellites.


Most conflicts were announced centuries before, the ambition for wealth has found no limits.


Large investments in increasingly sophisticated weapons in the service business.

Natural phenomena were predicted by many prophets whose stories you will find in these pages.


It is curious that more than 1000 years ago so accurately prophesied the decline of society.


Poisoning from the air, chemical sprays, for years seen the spraying.



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