Saint Odile

Prophecies of 1300 years ago

He was the patron saint of Alsace and Abbessof the Monastery of Hohnenburg in the Vosges.He was born blind and confined from this cause was small in a convent by her father, AdalricAlsace. From small expressed his devotion to God and his gift of predicting the future.
Sight miraculously recovered, a fact attributedto their faith, their prayers, and healing powers of the local bishop. When his father heard of this miracle ordered to return home.


St. Odilia soon tired of the life of Princess and convinced his father to become one of his castles convent, where he lived as abbess until her last days in the year 720 of our era.
The prophecies of St. Odilia made more than 1300 years ago are of astonishing precision, for example, World War II, describes in detail the rise of Hitler, aerial combat, cities in flames and the fall of Berlin.

"Listen, my brother! I have seen the terror of the forests and mountains. The fear has frozen to the people. The time has come when Germany will be called the most warlike nation on earth.Now is the time to rise from its bosom the terrible warrior that will trigger a world war, and that the people in arms will be called the Antichrist, who will be blamed by mothers crying for their children like Rachel, none may console "

"Twenty other nations will fight this war. The conqueror leave the banks of the Danube. The war that will undertake the most appalling that human beings have ever seen. The guns spit fire and helmets of the soldiers will have points and shot lightning, his hands wield flaming torches. Get victories by land, sea and the sky will indeed their winged warriors on horseback unimaginable rise in the sky to collect the stars, and then throw them on the cities, causing large fires. The nations will be prey to astonishment, and say: Where does this horror!? "
"The earth will be shaken by the shock of combat. The flowers are red with blood and the same sea monsters flee aghast at the bottom of the oceans. Future generations will marvel that their opponents were unable to hinder his victories. Human blood streams run around the mountain.

It will be the last battle. The conqueror will reach the height of his success to the middle of the sixth month of the second year of war. It will be the end of the first period called bloody victories. To believe then you can dictate terms.The second part will equal in duration to the first half.

She will be called the period of domination. Is rich in surprises that will rock the people.Halfway through that period subjugated peoples ask the conqueror: peace! But no peace. Not the end but the beginning of the end when the battle is fought in the City of Cities. At this point many of his people want to stone him. And wondrous things will happen in the East. The third phase will be short lived.

It will be called invasion phase, because the country just compensation of the conqueror will be invaded by all parties. The armies are decimated by a major epidemic, and all say that "the hand of God." The people believe that his end is near.

The scepter will change hands and be happy mothers. All people who were stripped recover what they lost and then some. The region of Lutetia will be saved because of its mountains and blessed by the devotion of their wives. And yet all have believed otherwise.
But the people will go to the mountain and give thanks to God. Men have seen abominable things in the war that later generations will not believe.

Unfortunately for those who do not fear the Antichrist because he will cause further crimes.But the era of peace will follow the will of iron and the two horns of the moon meet at the Cross. For in those days fearing men worship God in truth. And the sun will shine with a splendor inconceivable. "




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"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Mural of St. Odilia.


Sainte-Odile monastery atop the hill of the same name, site representative of the religious culture of Alsace and site where the remains of the wall called pagan, historical monument of France in 1840




Photographs of the cover of a book on St.Odilia.


Statue of St. Odilia




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